Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Lessons

Adam's secret stash of fortune cookie fortunes

 Things I Learned This Weekend:
-How I Met Your Mother marathons with my TV-holic buddy Robert are pure heaven, even if we can only watch them on my computer monitor in a cramped home office area while sitting in swivel chairs. That show is the best Friends replacement I could ask for. 
-Glee's Madonna album (thanks to Robert again) will no doubt make you feel shiny and new.
-There IS a difference between baking soda and baking powder. This advice should be heeded to avoid ruining a perfectly good batch of vegan pancakes. (But when done right, they are plenty tasty.)
-Time flies when dining with the wonderful Anisa, where a simple Thai dinner turned into an epic 3-hour meal. I love that girl.
-At this same dinner, it was revealed that Adam carries in his wallet a stash of his favorite fortune cookie fortunes. There was a collective "awwww," followed by, "Wow, how often do you eat Chinese food?"
-Watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid with your girlfriends in the theater will give you the simultaneous feelings of being very old and very young (grandmas compared to the kids; children compared to all the parents).
-I'm capable of taking nearly 2 years to read a book. Said book would be Watchmen, which I bought in August 2008 and just finished today. Amazing read and I highly recommend it. And if you don't have a habit of dilly dallying with other books on the side, you can probably finish it in less than 2 years. Probably.

and finally...
What I'm Dying to Learn By 11:30 PM Tonight:
THE ENDING OF LOST. Please, Lost gods, let it be everything I'm hoping for and more. Pleeeeease.