Monday, June 7, 2010

Because Sometimes You Just Need A Reminder

(the three words writers survive on)
How was your weekend?
Mine included visiting old college friends, shopping with my mom, eating an atrocious meal at Coco's (which was my first and last time dining there), having an asthma attack from cats, listening to my first Kate Earl song and immediately downloading her entire album, early morning yoga, discovering my dosha, venturing into the world of anime for the first time with "Death Note," successfully selling our elliptical machine, and using some of the money to order this book. I pretty much never buy non-fiction books but...vegan chocolate peanut butter cups, anyone?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not To Turn This Into a Food Blog...

But I've been in the kitchen and here's what's been cookin':
 sauteed pineapple tacos w/ black beans & my mom's cucumber-tomato salsa
tomato soup w/ poached eggs
flaky layer biscuits (ok, technically Pillsbury made these)
 peanut butter banana ice-cream (dairy-free!)
now, what to eat tomorrow?

p.s.  anyone looking for an elliptical, we're selling one here.