Sunday, May 2, 2010

Everything Old Is New Again

On friday night, a group of us headed to the Phlox event put on by my two amazingly artistic friends, Jovan & Mimi, to see the highly anticipated unveiling of Miss Jackie Jones' artwork. and she definitely didn't disappoint...she had four large oil-on-canvas pieces on display, each of them inspired by different songs. i loved the one in the top right corner so much that she gave it to me at the end of the night and it's now in my house, waiting to be hung. thank you, jackie!! she never ceases to amaze me. go here to check out more of her artwork and beautiful photography.
now, a little word about jovan & mimi...this was their third Phlox event and it was their best one yet. 150+ people showed up and there were body-painting sessions and a table of homemade desserts by Cherry Blossom Cake House. i hovered around that table for most of the night.

several different djs performed and the evening wrapped up with the talented Jovan of VIVUS easily deejaying the best set of the night (in my totally biased opinion). we all had so much fun that none of us even pooped out until close to 3AM.
then saturday was me and adam's date day, the only day out of the week where our schedules are cleared (almost) entirely just to hang out. we tried vegan restaurant The Loving Hut in huntington beach for the first time (it was so-so for me), then debated between going to South Coast Plaza or Westminster Mall. we chose Westminster Mall because only there can you do THIS while shopping:
adam gets his fortune read
of course, you can't go to that mall without stopping at Cinnabon for a warm, gooey roll, so we did just that while playing a game of "sound effects" that made me laugh so hard i was crying and the girls behind the counter were looking at me funny. then we entertained ourselves at a variety of eclectic stores, from the pet shop and the $5 bookstore, to the tacky furniture outlet and anime/random-things-from-all-over-the-world store (pictured above). seriously, can you do that at swanky south coast? i think not.

afterward, we ended the night picking up some crafts at Michael's for mother's day (i'm obsessed with crafting now!) and then going mini-golfing. after the game, as we were walking to the car, adam realized he forgot to return the mini pencils so he walked back inside. i stood in the parking lot looking up at a big palm tree lit up by the ferris wheel lights from across the way and listening to the sounds of bubbling fountains from the golf course and whizzing go-carts behind me. it felt so nice. 
in an age where everything seems to be about what's new, sparkly, and advanced, it was so relaxing just to have some old-fashioned, outdoorsy fun. in fact, the whole day felt like old-fashioned fun.

then adam drove me home and we were both practically giddy about ending the night at 10:30. call me old and boring but it was one of my favorite saturdays in a long time.