Thursday, July 22, 2010

Food With Friends

(Everybody loves Ali)
These past couple of weeks have been so much fun thanks to two things: friendship and food. Cases in point...
-A five-hour dinner with Allie and birthday girl Grace at Tokyo Table in Irvine, where they actually serve sushi pizza (!). I remember thinking, Oh no, another "fusion" item makes its way onto the menu. Well, I totally took it back once the waitress described it as a nice hot serving of baked sushi rolls (with no cheese, by the way). It was delicious and unique and I'm still thinking about it! Afterward, we chatted about weddings and The Bachelorette for a good three hours as only the FV girls know how to do :)
-Then on Thursday, it was more sushi, this time with Jackie and Jake in the form of a 3-hour dinner at Kabuki where FAR TOO MANY embarrassing stories were revealed. And somehow Jake Kilroy managed to leave without a single story to his name, which, if you're reading this right now Jake, I'm going to demand that we invite Rex Bang to dinner next time so that we can even the score.
-And lastly, I went to BJs on Monday night to say an epic goodbye to my dear friend Ali, who's going off to med school in Colorado to be a smartypants. We stayed up until 3 AM talking about life and destiny and only with Ali can you talk for that long and that late into the night and not feel a bit tired. I'm going to really miss that guy!
Anyway, sometimes this whole writing business can be so lonely, but getting to have such quality time with my wonderful friends is so reinvigorating. I distinctly remember thinking at each one of these meals, I feel so alive right now. Is that completely corny? Well, it's true. There are few things better than coming together with people you enjoy, who have the uncanny ability to bring out different sides in you, and spending hours laughing and talking with them over a meal. It's one of the reasons why the majority of my money is spent on food...and I don't mind a bit.

p.s. The photo I posted makes me miss Kristen :(