Monday, July 12, 2010

Breakfast in the Park

For the past couple of gloomy Sundays this summer, I've been cheering myself up with a delicious morning meal next to a serene little lake (or is it a pond?) in Huntington Beach thanks to Alice's Breakfast in the Park. I first came here in 2003 with my friend Kent, then completely forgot about it until a few months ago when I went back with Grace and Allie and fell in love with it all over again. Sadly, I've rediscovered this place a little too late because it's closing its doors in September because the city council wants to put a bistro in its place, which essentially means it wants some swanky new restaurant that can pay higher rent to come in.
This place is owned by a sweet old lady named Alice, serves deeelicious food (big slices of French toast, enormous cinnamon rolls, and tasty hand-cut home fries, to name a few) all inside a little red house filled to the brim with antiques and vintage goods. Who wouldn't fall in love with this place? Not to mention that Alice's attracts so many hungry and happy folk from all over. Why would the city take away such a good thing?
Anyway, Adam and I spent some time talking to the baker about this and learned they've been trying to save it for the past couple of years, but they're at the end of the line. Everything in the shop is on sale now and they're getting ready to close up shop in September. It's times like this when I really wish I was rich just so I could plop down some money and scoop this place up. Did I mention they bake fresh loaves of bread that you can take home for your family?? I love this place so much!
check out the pretty scenery:
I'm not sure when that little pier fell in the water, but now the ducks have a new playground.
And not to turn PSA on you, but if you love a yummy brunch and some really darling antiques to pretty up your house, you can support Breakfast in the Park in the meantime by stopping by for a visit. There are so many adorable finds in there that you can purchase! Plus, who knows, maybe if they get a flurry of customers in the coming months, the city won't shut them down.