Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Wild Imagination

yesterday i had a conversation with adam that went like this...

adam: i need you to help me with something. it's something really disgusting.
me: what is it?
adam: my car smells terrible. i think something died in it.
me: what?!
adam: i think there's either a rat or a mouse that somehow got in and died in there.
me: how do you know? did you see it?
adam: i think so...just come with me.

we went out to the car and adam opened the door. he was right. it smelled awful. he pointed to underneath the passenger seat.
"tell me," he said. "do you see something there?"
and i saw it. a big black rat. i could even make out the tail and the fur.
i wanted to die.

adam had two plastic bags with him which he used as makeshift gloves to pull it out.
it wasn't a rat.
it wasn't a mouse.
it was just a black umbrella.

do we have wild imaginations or what? or, really really sad imaginations.

-the stench (whatever it is) is still there
-we searched the rest of the car, from the front seat to the back to the trunk to the hood. nothing.
-adam's dad is convinced something DID die, but possibly in the body of the car. shiver. it's being taken to a mechanic on friday. (can you imagine what he might charge?)
-to be continued...after buying boatloads of air freshener today.