Friday, April 9, 2010

Ride On

Tonight I went to the Hammer Museum's Bike Night event celebrating the city's biking culture. It featured live music and bike-related short films called Bike Shorts. (ha. ha. get it?)...

some lovely art including a projection of a glowing tree moving in the wind, along with all of the bikes from the bikers in attendance (i walked there. felt a bit like an outcast.)...

a bar with free drinks surrounded by plenty of hipsters...

and my favorite part of the night: a FREE, all-you-can-eat vegan bar catered by Whole Foods.

oh and Pee-Wee Herman also showed up to introduce the screening of Pee Wee's Big Adventure. didn't stay for the movie, though.

i've been wanting a bike for some time now...i heard the salvation army has beach cruisers for $10?

earlier today:
-THE WAR ON CAR STENCH CONTINUES...i helped spray adam's car for a good 20 minutes with two bottles of Lysol and Glade. i would post pictures but i've yet to figure out how to embed photos in the middle of a post. i'll try this weekend.
-1 hour phone date with kristen. big smiles after that.

-attend the UCLA School of Medicine Banquet. get to dress up and enjoy FREE food again. i am well fed this week.
-go to SusieCakes for the first time
-drive back to HB in stinky car.