Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Never Run Out Of Books To Read.

"There’s so much, you know. I only have one rule when it comes to fiction: I don’t read writers that are worse than me. And that leaves so much to read. I’ll never run out of books. For a fiction writer, that can be the most depressing thing to contemplate. You go to the new fiction table and you just want to kill yourself. You’ve never heard of any of these books, they all look great, and how is anyone going to come across my novel in this sea of fiction that’s being generated? But as a reader it’s just such an awesome thought: you’ll never run out of books to read."
— Ayelet Waldman, author of multiple novels including Red Hook Road and Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, lays out her media diet. Read the rest at The Atlantic Wire.

{via The Atlantic}